Please click on the relevant link to visit your local website to process your order - Australia, Singapore,Malaysia,New Zealand &  Philippines

Our website display's if an item is out-of-stock and an approximate lead time for ordering. However, if an item does not display 'out-of-stock', it is in stock and available for prompt dispatch.

For most stocked items we tend to ship within 1-2 working days. 

If an item is customised (engraving or embroidery) it can add some time depending on complexity

* Engraving tends not to delay the item 

* Embroidery of text on the chest tends to delay dispatch by 1-2 working days 

* Logo Embroidery can delay dispatch from 1-10 working days depending on if the logo needs to be digitalised or if we have it already in our database. 

Delivery/Transit Times vary depending on location.

Typically -

Australia 1-4 Working Days

Singapore 1-2 Working Days

Malaysia 2-4 Working Days

Philippines 7-10 Working days