This is because some patients have very high or low pressures, very oedematous limbs or keep moving and cannot keep still. The patient MUST keep still and not talk, cough or laugh. The cuffs or tubing MUST NOT be touched during the test. Always explain the procedure to the patient and add that the cuffs will go tight on the arms and then the legs. In the case of an error, (‘cannot measure’), a retest is suggested or a Doppler exam is recommended. Often, the patient is more relaxed on the retest and a result is then produced. The Ability should not be used on the following patient groups with:
• Parkinson’s disease
• Severe PAD with ankle pressures below 60mmHg
• Lymphoedema
• Any condition that prevents both arm pressures being measured e.g. post mastectomy
• Very oedematous limbs Patients with the following conditions may produce results which are out of range and will be shown by ‘---‘
• Calcified arteries i.e. systolic ankle pressures above 205mmHg
• Hypertension
• Arm pressures less than 80mmHg or greater than 230mmHg