Medshop is an official distributor for 3M Littmann 

If your Littmann Stethoscope needs to be repaired, 3M Littmann will replace any defective part(s) free of charge within the period of the Stethoscopes Warranty. Please proceed to the Littmann 3M website and download the form prior to returning your Stethoscope to the Littmann Service Centre. Littmann Stethoscope Service Form. Medshop have been instructed by 3M Littmann not to accept back Stethoscopes for repair, all repairs must be sent direct to the Littmann Service Centre.

Click on the link to proceed to the 3M Littmann site for more information regarding Warranty and Repair Issues. 3M Littmann Warranty and Repairs

We understand that every 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope is an investment that should be protected. For your peace of mind, all 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes, from Cardiology to Classic, come with their specific warranty periods (see table below for your model). The day of your purchase will establish the warranty start date, verifiable by your original purchase receipt.

If a material or manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, we will repair your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope free of charge, except in cases of obvious abuse or accidental damage.

These exceptions include subjecting the stethoscope to:

• Immersion in liquids

• Sterilisation processes

• Drops or impact that would damage the chestpiece

• Improper handling and storage that would damage stethoscope parts.


Please refer to your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope owner’s manual for a full list of limitations and exclusions to your warranty coverage.

Littmann Warranty Periods

Littmann® Master Cardiology™ Stethoscope7 years
Littmann® Cardiology STC Stethoscope6 years
Littmann® Cardiology IV Stethoscope7 years
Littmann® Master Classic III™ Stethoscope5 years
Littmann® Master Classic II™ Stethoscope3 years
Littmann® Classic III Stethoscope5 years
Littmann® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope3 years
Littmann® Classic II Infant Stethoscope3 years
Littmann® Teaching Stethoscopes3 years
Littmann® Select and Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope2 years
Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 32002 years
Littmann® Core Stethoscope2 years

Purchasing from an official Authorised distributor means you are covered by the 3M international warranty