All Charder Professional Scales come with a two year warranty which is covered in Australia.

In the unfortunate instance of a problem arising with your scale, please contact our customer returns department via the link provided to complete and submit a return request. Once your request has been received, you will be advised further. Please note: Please allow up to 24 business hours for an emailed response.

Click here to complete the returns request form

You will need to provide your Charder Scale model number, problem with the scale, date of purchase along with proof of purchase from Medshop Australia.

Should your scale develop a problem within 14 days of receipt we will refund your return postal costs to a maximum of the original postal amount paid for the return of the scale once we have issued you with instructions to return the scale. No postal refund will be applied if a returns approval is not authorised. If no problem is found with the scale you will be charged the freight costs for return of the scale to yourselves.

If your scale develops and issue beyond the 14 day receipt period and within the scales warranty period, postal costs will be borne both ways by yourself. Assessment will be made of the scale, if it is deemed to have sustained damage through misuse e.g. damaged load cell due to a weight beyond the scales max. capacity being placed on the scale, water damage, scale having been dropped, power damage due to a power surge the costs associated with the repair/replacement will be charged to the owner of the scale.